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Author Topic: A word about JDM engines...  (Read 5431 times)

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A word about JDM engines...
« on: October 21, 2006, 07:57:30 PM »
For those of you not familiar...

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market

When referring to auto parts, this means they were origianlly intended for use in Japan.  For engines, this is a good thing.  Most engines imported from Japan are either removed from wrecks in salvage yards (as in the U.S.), or removed from vehicles turned in due to excessive government taxes.

The Japanese government encourages its citizens to purchase new vehicles in order to stimulate new car sales and promote overall economic growth in Japan. The Japanese government creates tax schedules that make it increasingly difficult to justify used car ownership. This explains the high turnover and Japanese “Take-Out” engines exported to other countries. The used engine business in Japan is characterized by many salvage yards and holding yards, stocking engines either inside warehouses or out in the elements.

Since mileage verification is difficult to obtain once the engine has been pulled, the process of selecting desired engines is difficult.  It pays to work with a reputable importer who have their own contacts in Japan.  Thse contacts generally have "connections" to assure they are getting good engines.

There are a number of good importers of these engines.  Aside from these folks listed below, there is always eBay (if persuing eBay, check the feedback!!)

Motorworks of NY
Jarco Inc.
JSA Motors
ASAP Motors

There are many more out there, but few carry the 1UZ as a stock item - the above companies do.
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