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Author Topic: 1uzfe swap, ECU does not go into diagnostic mode  (Read 7438 times)

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1uzfe swap, ECU does not go into diagnostic mode
« on: July 16, 2016, 09:06:00 PM »
Hey guys, new member here form Minneapolis Minnesota😎,  I wish I could carry on with another topic but unfortunately, I need some help figuring out what's going on with my swap.
I'm in the process of wrapping up my swap on a 94 Pickup. The work went well, and things came together slowly but surly and I'm on the last stretch of completing things.

I had several issues that I figured out but one I can't wrap my head around.
When I put everything together (engine, tranny, cab) etc, the truck fired up on the first try. For a few minutes it idled fine, no check engine lights or issues. As expected, after 30-40 minutes of idling the cel finally came on.

At this point I wasn't too concern because I planned on fixing the codes later. When I finally got around to pulling codes the ECU refused to go into diagnostic mode (E1 and TE1).
I disconnected the batt and tried again, same thing. The light stays lit and wouldn't blink. I thought there may have been an open between the diagnostic port and ECU, so I went directly to the ECU and jumped the two wired and still nothing.

I did some research and found the ECU caps thread on CL. I ordered some new caps and replaced all of them even though upon inspection, they were all looking fine. Well I plugged in the ECU and fired up the truck, Cel still stayed lit. I decided to try a new computer. When I got it, I opened it for inspection before plugging it in. The ECU  was clean inside and out.
 Same thing. Cel stays lit. At this point I'm lost, I've went over my wiring multiple times and I still  can't find what's going on. "
Has anyone else have this issue? If so please help me clear up this nightmare😏!
I wired the truck as per this thread " http://www.uzswap.com/index.php?topic=254.0;prev_next=prev#new
1993 LEXUS gs300/ 2jzgte Swap/ Brogwarner s362
1994 Toyota Pickup/ 1uzfe swap/ w58
Low offset everything😎