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Wiggin Connectors and Hot Tanking Parts


Yeah I'm sure giving those parts a bath will shine them right up. It's the only way to clean out nasty deposits caked on the insides so you know it's going to clean the outside as well. Every engine business I've ever known throws things in their tank to clean/strip things down. Radiator shops have BIG tanks that they lower parts into for a clean dip. I'll have pics of course. But there are some concerns with buildup on the intake actually flaking off and causing havoc with the valves. It's not that uncommon for this to happen in a rebuilt engine and just ruining a valve (and whatever actuating it). I have been warned so I basically am going to put that hot new powder coating to the test in the tank!  :'(

Here is a link to the Wiggins stuff. Way nice! I have had a lot of clamps loosen up on me because of all the wheelin. I'm tired of checking them all the time. These are super quick releasing and won't budge. I have forms for ordering em. They make them for oil lines and fuel lines etc. and they ain't no joke. Things like this really make life easier. Using quick connectors on all the lines let's you tank the engine out so fast.

--- Quote ---AdelWiggins products are found on virtually all aircraft produced in the western world. AdelWiggins designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of high-quality, custom designed products, primarily aerospace-related fluid line components such as flexible connectors, quick disconnects, clamps, heaters & hoses, and refueling systems.
--- End quote ---

Alright here are some pictures for reference. I've seen a few designs of prototype quick connectors over the years and I like these the most. They are proven and you can visually see the connection is made when it's together, foolproof.

Pretty slick. Expensive maybe, but you don't need many.

Those are pretty cool!  When you say expensive, do you have a ballpark figure?

Not many people list them for sale as they are too specialized almost. Here is a "retail" list.,587_3918&action=product

I'm pretty positive that I could call one of the other companies I have in mind and work with them. Keep in mind that you need the aluminum weld ferruls to weld onto the lines that you have in mind to clamp together. In my case I'm going to have to do some testing first before I use one on my intake. Right now my motor flexes too much and that's why my clamps come loose sometimes. When it's time to hit the sand it's redline all the time in my truck and the engine mounts really don't hold the engine still at all. They are designed for driving around like a grandma and insulating vibration. I installed brand new engine mounts this year and they still let the engine flop around too much. I'll be making sure the 1UZ will sit still enough to use some stiff connectors on the intake. I should probably be using aeroduct on my setup now to isolate the engine from the filter compartment better but I'm not touching anything on the front of my truck until I start putting the new engine in!

I don't plan on buying one or two of those clamps. They are really pretty  :)

That's a good image they are using at the top of that page - really lets you see what's all there.  Might be overkill for me though.  I was planning alum tubing for my intake with silicon hose/stainless worm band clamps.  Have you seen those "hump" hoses to use between the fixed air filter stud and the motor.  They let it move a little... 

I had some from when I planned to do a Supra AFM on my 3VZE, but that never happened.  Pretty sure I have some parts left around here....


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