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Headgasket Replacement/General Fluid Flow Maintenance
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Author Topic: Headgasket Replacement/General Fluid Flow Maintenance  (Read 11813 times)

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Headgasket Replacement/General Fluid Flow Maintenance
« on: April 06, 2010, 06:36:05 PM »
I've got a question pertaining to replacing the headgasket. I've torn down a number of engines and only once replaced a headgasket for/with a friend (76 280Z). My question is just about sealant. Does anything need to be applied to the headgasket to insure a proper seal (aside from assuring both surfaces are spotless, trued, and the bolts are torqued correctly)? When we did the job on my buddy's 280Z, we didn't apply anything, but I was only a wrench turner and had no idea if it was being done correctly to begin with... I had another buddy tell me (he heard from a shady shop salesman) that applying a thin layer of spray paint on the gasket helps it seal, but I think he may have just been taken for a ride. Regardless, his built SBC 350 has no leaks from the HG.

So the question is, does the headgasket simply get put on and sealed by the pressure, or is there another "substance" inducing a full seal?

Furthermore, my engine came to me with 195K on the clock, but purring like a kitten. Is there any further cheap preventative maintenance I should take "within" the engine before beginning my install? What is the cost of rings and difficulty of install for these engines? The rings in my 4Runner's 3.0 are near shot at 285K. Should I expect similar results with the 1UZ?

Lastly, fluid flow. When I finally put this damn engine in the truck, I want to be sure I'm going to build great oil and water pressure and that there are no blocks internally. Is there anything I can do to insure this before putting the top end back together?

These questions seem dumb considering the amount of research I've done pertaining to engines in general and the 1UZ, but they're things that I've never really found a clear answer for. I've got Lextreme's gasket kit and everything will be replaced accordingly, but I don't want this thing to fail before I get it out of the driveway so to speak. I should include the fact that in my long hiatus from here, I've quit my decent-paying job (18.75/hr) and gone to college, so almost everything is a huge expense for me. I'll be picking up a new job by the beginning of May to get the ball rolling again.

The 4Runner is no longer my primary transportation as I've acquired a motorcycle (Honda 599) and am almost running with my 78 280Z project. Downtime isn't a huge setback, but I'd like to finish the thing before the end of August.
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