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Not exactly maintenance, more of a beautification...(powdercoating)

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That's right Smitherz - I'm calling you out!   ;D

I plan to do some powdercoating after seeing how great your engine looks.  I was initially inspired by Twisty and his color matched cam covers, but I like the durability of powdercoating vs auto paint

I'm going to get some finish samples from Tigerdrylac.  I want to come reasonably close to the body color on my 4Runner (dark blue).  My powdercoating will be handled by Loudin's Powder Coating

The question is, what parts make the most sense to powdercoat?  Cam covers is an easy one, but what else?  Upper intake - maybe lower too...

Well lets get this show started  8) !!
What color are you going with?

I'm taking in the tubing that surround the intake manifolds next week. The local guys give me a hell of a deal since I've been supporting them for years. You can even have them do the bolts if you wanted... I just paint mine with Hammerite paint. I'll post some pics a little later on. I have some good ones.

Of course here is my thread with info on all the powdercoating I've done.
I elected not to do my lower intake since it's not clearly visible and is very clean in the first place. I'll have pictures when I get done prepping the injectors. It's a nice contrast between the shiny lower and red upper manifold. If I did the lower red like the top it would be like putting black rims on a black car... just too much in my eyes. When you do your cam covers make sure the color goes well with the grey plastic that goes over the spark plugs wires. The red I chose goes well. People coat the plastic with special vinyl plastic cote but thats too much work I think.

Here is a pic of my throttle linkage on the TB. Before the coating it was too horrible and corroded to look at  :-[

I want to do dark blue to match the 4Runner.  I've used yellow accents on stuff in the past, but don't want to go there this time.  I also want some black the same sheen as your parts above and possibly some silver for uncoated parts.

I see you left that little 90 deg fitting in that one cam cover.  I couldn't figure out how to get that thing out, so I guess it can stand the heat of powdercoating...

How did you get your PCV valve out of the other cover?  Mine just won't come out...

You engine is "cleaner" on the outside than mine - although mine isn't all that bad.  I see you did that coolant passage piece at the front of the motor.  I was wavering on doing that piece or not since it is covered by a small plastic shroud.  I'm going to have my guy make up a nice large metal sample so I can easily get a computer color match for some liquid paint to it to do some of the plastic parts - mainly the silver on the plug covers.

For the intakes, I hear ya on the black on black analogy.  I think I may do the top in Blue and the bottom in silver. 

What are you using to clean your parts that aren't getting PC'd?  I haven't gotten to the beautification stage yet for the other stuff, but need to get rolling on this.

I've been waiting to reply to this one  :)
I have spent quite a few hours detailing my machine and I have some good tips. It all comes down to the ol' elbow grease though but I can show you the tools and chemicals I have been using. I have an AWESOME degreaser that I buy in 5gallon buckets for $25 at the Smart and Final discount supplystore. When you think about the cost per bottle I hardly pay anything for how much I get. They sell this bucket of industrial concentrate cleaner/degreaser which is used to strip/clean floors. I dilute it 2:1 with water in a spray bottle and it cleans part in a sink with water better than in a solvent tank, no joke! Using is straight is just not necessary and you can use it 3:1 and it works just as well but is less slippery. It's blue like Windex and you can really clean your hands with it too.  ;D

I took all my nasty accessories (PS pump, alternator) off the engine and threw them in a pan to degrease them with this cleaner and then hosed them off. The parts really strip clean with this stuff.  When I get another bucket of it I'll get a picture. I am on my last spray bottle. Besides this cleaner I have used almost one can of pressurized brake cleaner. There are a few types but the all clean the same and instantly evaporate so you have to clean fast with this stuff. I use that sparingly as it shoots out super fast and you MUST put on eye protection or you will get shot with it. I've seen people spray themselves so many times, hehe. I got some gas splashed in my eyes when I was 17 and that sure taught me a lifelong lesson. I wear eye protection if any type of air or power tool or chemical is being used, no matter what. I have 3 pairs floating around my shop and I don't work with this stuff without them on, no way.

I will never use gas to clean and I haven't in a couple years. It doesn't work as good as brake cleaner or that degreaser I mentioned. Hell, it's expensive now too! That does it for the liquid cleaners I use. Later I'll show the abrasives and brushes. Yeehaw.

Here's my short list of stuff getting PC'd:

Cam Covers
Upper Intake
Lower Intake
The little cast housings up top
Fuel Rails (?)
Any misc little brackets that look bad.

And later...
My custom headers

The rest I will clean better and is mostly in the shadows anyway.


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