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1uz swap on my SAS 88'

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The truck is a 1988 22re, turbo'd,  solid axle swaped with toyota rear leafs up front with high steer crossover from trail gear, 63" chevy truck leafs in the rear, 35" tires (going bigger soon), with a bobbed and dovetailed bed, Plan on doing the exo-skelatain after the swaps done.

I have the donor 1994 Lexus LS400 all ready to tear apart, I just picked up my transfer case today, Im going to use the stock LS400 transmission and bolt the 3.slow case right up.  so I think I will be starting the process in the next couple weeks.   

I plan on taking as many pics as I can, but you guys know how it can be when you are on a roll, you forget to take pics.

I cant wait to have more power.

Let the fabing begin!!!

What trans do you have in the truck now? A340F?  If not, you might need a few more parts - easy stuff though...

I'd love to see what the truck looks like right now, sounds pretty awesome already! :)

No I do not have a 4speed auto (a340f) in the truck now. But I did get one with my transfer case with 70,000 miles. The truck has a 5 sp manual (w56). What other parts do you think I will need? I plan on using the LS gauge cluster too.

Ill try to put some pics up tonight of the truck. Remember its my off road truck, it only travels over the asphault by trailer.

What are you going to do with your turbo tcase?


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