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Which tranny to use on Mid engined 1UZFE swap?
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Author Topic: Which tranny to use on Mid engined 1UZFE swap?  (Read 8256 times)

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Which tranny to use on Mid engined 1UZFE swap?
« on: December 28, 2007, 05:13:47 AM »

Hi guys, great Forum, very useful thank you!  ;D

I'm trying to weigh up the feasibility of doing a 1uzfe swap into a mk2 MR2. The general idea is to end up with a JGTC MR2, but without having to start with a tubular chassis. I know maybe in the long this may be easier, but it's work on the MR2 which I wich to demonstrate.

The articles from the SARD MC8R (MR2 JGTC) use a 'March' tranny, which from a few searchs shows me they're pretty much formula 1 boxes! lol

I know I can mount the engine east-west with the standard E153 MR2 box, but I not prepared to do that, the engine must go in north-south. I was starting to loko at Audi/porsche boxes? Audi mainly due to the overhanging engine and FWD?

And I know it's going to be a tight fit  ;D the firewall will be extended into the cabin somewhat. It's just getting a box, which driveshaft outputs and mating face and very close together.

I have full access to professional fabricators so all ideas welcome!

Many thanks
oh and happy new year  ;D

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Re: Which tranny to use on Mid engined 1UZFE swap?
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 01:41:03 AM »
Here are some options:

Audi - 5000 Box

Renault - Renault Un1, Renault 25 V6 models and 21 Turbo 2wd
the UN1 can be adapted to the 1uz with off the shelf parts.  Contact Dave Short @

And Porsche 911 boxes can be made to work also.
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