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Hey guys, new member here form Minneapolis Minnesota😎,  I wish I could carry on with another topic but unfortunately, I need some help figuring out what's going on with my swap.
I'm in the process of wrapping up my swap on a 94 Pickup. The work went well, and things came together slowly but surly and I'm on the last stretch of completing things.

I had several issues that I figured out but one I can't wrap my head around.
When I put everything together (engine, tranny, cab) etc, the truck fired up on the first try. For a few minutes it idled fine, no check engine lights or issues. As expected, after 30-40 minutes of idling the cel finally came on.

At this point I wasn't too concern because I planned on fixing the codes later. When I finally got around to pulling codes the ECU refused to go into diagnostic mode (E1 and TE1).
I disconnected the batt and tried again, same thing. The light stays lit and wouldn't blink. I thought there may have been an open between the diagnostic port and ECU, so I went directly to the ECU and jumped the two wired and still nothing.

I did some research and found the ECU caps thread on CL. I ordered some new caps and replaced all of them even though upon inspection, they were all looking fine. Well I plugged in the ECU and fired up the truck, Cel still stayed lit. I decided to try a new computer. When I got it, I opened it for inspection before plugging it in. The ECU  was clean inside and out.
 Same thing. Cel stays lit. At this point I'm lost, I've went over my wiring multiple times and I still  can't find what's going on. "
Has anyone else have this issue? If so please help me clear up this nightmare😏!
I wired the truck as per this thread ";prev_next=prev#new
First off, sad to say that there's no new tech here.

This project has been permanently shelved.  I started back on this and the rust on the 4Runner was too severe (body AND frame) to warrant throwing any money at it.  Sitting in my yard for a couple of years pushed the 4Runner into the not worth saving category.  It spent 12 years on the road in the rust belt and a couple sitting out (was never garaged when it was operable either so that didn't help).  It's gone now - all the good stuff stripped off.

Like a lot of projects, started off with good intentions and a decent plan but life got in the way.  I've restored all the pics I could find (almost all of them), but there won't be any new tech added to this unless something crazy happens.

I have another (non-Toyota) project waiting in the wings, so an additional part of the demise of the UZ swap was having 2 inoperable vehicles on my property.  The Mrs wasn't standing for it...

In the end, I finally got a running Toyota V8 after all - in the form of a Sequoia family hauler.
'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 98 4Runner
« Last post by Chewy on October 02, 2014, 09:53:33 PM »
Figured I'd post an update while here...

Truck is still running great.  ZERO issues at all.  The oil leak I was experiencing before turned out to be predominately from an uneven oil pan lip (it was bent).  Once I replaced the LS400 set up with a Tundra setup, it was perfect.

I'm coming up on 60K after installing the 1UZ so time to start thinking about the maintenance check-up.  Not looking forward to the timing belt as it will require removing the radiator, fan, bumper, etc...LOTS of time I have none of anymore.  I actually was going to take it into town and have a shop do the work but after calling around last year to ask about changing the front crank seal, I was unpleasantly surprised to hear repeatedly from shops "oh its a modified vehicle?  Yeah sorry, we won't work on it."  :-/  I know it just a CYA liability thing, but come on...

But anyway, it's STILL the best mod I've done to my 4Runner!!
'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 98 4Runner
« Last post by Chewy on October 02, 2014, 09:41:12 PM »
Good to see this site is back online but feels like I'm walking through an abandoned town after a nuclear blast!  Hellllo?  Anybody?  Cebby?  ;-)

did you do a body lift on this swap?
Yes sir, I used a 1" body lift with this swap.  Not entirely sure it was necessary but it was nice to have the extra room!
'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1uzfe Into 98 4runner
« Last post by Chewy on October 02, 2014, 09:26:25 PM »
Haven't been on this site in ages.  Any progress on this?  :-)
Wiring and Electronics / Re: 2uzfe - 05 Immobilizer & ECU Questions
« Last post by George on October 09, 2013, 03:05:19 AM »
Read 2-digit error codes (shorten TC to E1 and see warning light flashing)
If you see code 99 among others then it's immobilized
It's not too hard though to work with immobilized ecus
hello all,
new here.
got a few hilux surfs second generation, one of them 2.4TD i want to do the swap for 1uz-fe with an Eaton M112 Supercharger SVT from a 04 Cobra,
the lexus engine is from a 1995 ls400 model (4 gears auto box) but i want to find an adapter for fitting a 1999 gearbox of a lexus ls 400 (5 speed auto box) and keep the 4x4 option.
do any of you knows of anyone who does them?
hope this the right section to post this, if not sorry.
'89-'95 Trucks (3rd Gen)/'90-'95 4Runners (2nd Gen)/T100 / Re: Just finished another one!
« Last post by Bud on September 19, 2013, 12:47:32 AM »
you are getting addicted to do those ones, aren't you?
What are the specs on the radiator?  I skimmed the text and didn't see it.

It's an AFCO and I think the part number is an 80100n.  I had the inlet and outlet modified for 90 degree bends and aluminum angle iron welded to the side for mounting.  Out of the box the radiator is about $150.00.   
'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1uzfe Into 98 4runner
« Last post by lonczakd on July 13, 2013, 01:16:10 AM »
will doo, i cant wait to actually get started on it!
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