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For Sale / Re: 92 4runner 1UZFE / R150F Swap Project
« on: October 31, 2009, 08:20:51 AM »
interested in your harness, hit me up if your still around thanks!

ok update, my gramps has 2 1st gen trucks, a 79 and a 82, the 79 is in a garage sitting collecting age but not miles... someday maybe 20 years from now it will re-enter the world as a low mile beauty :) the other is one of his play trucks, he is going to take some meausurements for me to compare for sizes between the newer trucks and to see how a 1uz will fit :) the 5vz is in a rollover and will not be finding a home in my truck, i dont see the point it settling for somehting im not fully interested in :) so.. my options have opened up a bit, there is a wider area for me to get a ls400 on auction then i thought, there is a 98 gs400 on auction and the thought crossed my mind today to get it next week and try it out, but i dont want to tackle the vvti obd2 hurdle untill i have done at least one obd1 1uz.. does anyone know for sure the imput shaft lenght of the r150 trans, i cant remember if it is 190mm or shorter like the other 4x4 trans, wich i believe was 160mm.. the auto bellhousing from the ls400 is 155mm if i have found the right number online, does anyone know? if it is there is a 30mm adapter that i can get machined that will work, when i find out how much it will cost to have machined, if it will work out i will post it on here and find out if someone might want me to have more made.... i wish i was home now to start this project!!

hey hows it going, as always things have a way of happening, i have been watchin the auction calender for 90-94 LS400 or possibly an SC400, well i got back from working today, actually spent the day building a shelter for training IP's (iraqi police) who are alot like third graders when they are in a class, except they have to take smoke and restroom breaks every 15 minutes lol.. anyway i had a text message from home, seems someone in my familly came into ownership of a rollover taco with low miles and its heart is the 5vz.. so i am torn between sticking that in my 4runner and using it to town my play truck.. wich would make things easier with a 1uz swap in my play truck still having my 4runner to drive in the snow if i did not get it finished while i was on leave.. ive got my heart set on this thing, (v8) hmm. well i guess i will have to do some thinking in the next few days.. if i do decide to take advantage of the pending v6, then i would need to decided on my play truck.. i have a 1985 4runner that has been serving its duty well but i bought it out of a farmers field where it sat in grass for 2 years, so it has lots of surface rust on the frame, and now it has been sitting on my trailer for 9 months in tall grass at my mothers house, when i was home on leave i looked at the underbelly and determined its a lost cause for modding, so i started searching for a replacement.. what i have come up with is a 93 2wd xtra cab pickup 22re w 90k in great shape, with the axels from the 85 and SAS it will be easy to make it 4wd (the 2wd frame is more arched in the front and closer to the live axel frame), i have another r150 trans that i sold the bellhousing off and forgot about untill today that would find its home.. so i am going to make a phone call tonight and have some measurements taken of a 79-83 engine bay vs the later trucks, if it is close i would love to find a first gen 4x4.. has anyone else tried to fit a 1uz in the 79-83 trucks or measured one by any chance? the one i am gonna have measured has a mercruiser 4.3 aka chevy 4.3 v6 only carbed and its not to bad of a fit.. there might barely be enough room for the v8

Hey hows it going, the auto to manual swap is easy, the manual to auto is a PITA, the boss, or space on the firewall for the clutch master cyl is there and if i remember right you will need to drill the holes for the master, then change in the clutch and brake pedal themselves, otherwise you would have the wider auto pedal and it would be in the way, then you need to run the cluch line down to the slave cyl, behind the flexplate after you pull the TC off there is a spacer that you will NOT want to put back in behind the flywheel.. the most annoying part is depending on your trans g52 w56 w/ever and tranfercase shifters you will may need to cut your floor hole out a bit, coffee can or no parking signs and self tappinng screws can make a decent patch without buying metal or welding lol depending on what shift boots you have to mix and match and body lift or not.. its really pretty easy lol good lucks

my 4runner has been waiting for over a year because the trans and garage is at home in iowa and i was stationed in kansas, now im deployed to iraq..

Ok so things I have been thinking about, I have looked at a lot of 4runner

Alright so here I am! I found this site some time ago when I first researched the idea of swapping my 3.sl0w sometime after I got deployed to Iraq, so since I

Wiring and Electronics / Re: !!!!Wiring diagrams!!!!
« on: October 28, 2009, 08:41:59 AM »
Hey hows it goin? i just got registered on here and im learning how to work all this, anyway i come home from iraq soon so looking to get my own 1uz swap started, putting it in a 92 4runner sr5 v6 auto with factory tow package and 31x10.5, i havent been able to get the pinouts or wiring diagram for it yet, so if you have one i would be forever gratefull, as for the 1uz im watching the salvage auction in the midwest for a donor, missed out on a perfect 94 smashed in the rear end a few months ago..

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