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Maintenance: Preventative and Necessary / Prepping for my Swap
« on: November 13, 2009, 11:31:49 PM »
im ditching the aod for a c4. what all do i need to do the swap? any little detail...will the aod driveshaft work? reverse light harness? shift linkage? flywheel? anything at all....

im putting an 86 2 wheel drive auto cab on my frame and i was wondering how hard it was to swap it to a manual? can i just bolt the pedal assembly in or is there more to it than that any help would be great.

Can you post pics of the mounting holes for the master and slave cyc? I need it I will be doing this swap soon. I know this is old post but I might as well not start a new one. Also pics or where that auto switch is?

So basically you used the internals of a miata tranny and placed them into an fc tranny case?..So its all bolt in i assume. Also anyone know how much tq the miata tranny is rated for?

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