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Dimensionally, the engines are very similar.  There is a length issue adding two cylinders, but this can be dealt with by putting the engine fan on the outside of the radiator or by other creative space utilization.

The 2UZ is considerably heavier than the 1UZ though the 2UZ has an iron block and the 1UZ is aluminum.

None of these things are bolt up - if they were, everyone would have one.
Will the engine mounts from a 3.4L match properly with a 4.7? 

Will the engine physically fit in there?

I understand that the 4.7 will not mate with the 5 speed manual trans that resides behind the 3.4, so I would look into a VVTI 4.7 and a 5 speed auto.

Is the 2UZ bigger than the 1UZ?


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