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Thanks for your opinion, advice and info.  I am attached to my truck.  Hino built T100s have way better quality and integrity than the American made Tundras.  If I am to keep my truck a new engine will be needed.  A new 3.0 will cost 2-4K depending on new used rblt etc.  A 3.4 swap will cost in the 5-7K range for a few more HP.  I estimate the v8 swap in the 10k range.  Good things never come easy.  I will keep doing my research for now to ferret out as many potential demons in advance as possible.  It seems a bit of insanity is nearly a requirement for any swap.

Hi Guys, another newbie here with questions.  First I'd like to thank all of you out there that take the time to share with us that which you have learned at great cost.  I've been doing my research on UZ Toyota Truck swaps and am ready to ask a few questions of my own.  I've been a UZ fan forever and have a lovely LS400 that seems to be wreck-proof.  I've been waiting and waiting, my wife has never taken so long to wreck a car.  So I'm looking for a donor for my T100 UZ swap.  I bought my T100 new in '93, it's been my daily driver with 250K hard miles with lots of love and care.  I've been waiting and waiting for my 3.0 to blow, but I've never taken so long to kill engine.  So once I've collected most of my swap pieces, I'm goin to pull a tired but good running engine.  I'm going to mate my 5sp trans to the Dellow bellhousing and hopefully not have to relocate it.  I don't do as much 4xing as I used to so I'm keeping the IFS.  I've read lots of info on small truck and 4runner swaps but very little on T100s.  I'm hoping the extra room in the engine bay and the wider frame rails will allow more room for oil filter and exhaust manifolds.  I'm trying to determine the best UZ engine configuration for this application.  Most say front sump for IFS trucks, but would a rear sump work better if I did a 4" diff drop lift?  Most say small trucks need a body lift, can I get away without since my bay is larger?  How about my e brake rod and steering shaft?  Any information or insights that will help me gather the correct components are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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