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'79-'83 Trucks (1st Gen) / Re: 73 hilux project
« on: March 14, 2010, 07:36:37 PM »
i love it, i just picked up 80 hilux and im picking up a 79 next month, im going to put one together and drive it then the other is going to be a full restore and 1uz swap, also have a line on a 93 sc400 that was rear-ended and only has 8ok on it, deffinately excited to see how you come out!!

k latest update, i might be going home on emergency leave as my mother was in a pretty serious accident, she is doing pretty good but would still like to be home with her while she is in the hospital you know?

but god works in mysterious ways at times and now i have a dana 60 front and dana 70 rear, i think i will have to check when i am home but the f350 was totalled and now i may be stearing back in the direction of SAS and now throwing in some beast axels.. the biggest thing with that is going to be either shortening them to spring perch width on the yota or welding on the axel

does anyone know for sure wich axels came in 93 ford f350 7.3 turbo diesel w auto trans, and if so, are the axel tubes cast or just the center housing.. thanks

and the second problem wich is the front axel being a lefty, so i will either change my trans option and look for a 96 and later r150f, or fork up some hard earned cash and buy a lefty toy gear case and r150f adapter..

haha that will be one seriously adapted truck :)

1uz-adapter-r150f-adapter-gear drive trasfer/lefty case adapter- custom flang to yoke shafts

or i could save the axels and continue with forementioned plan and someday later stuff them under a full time play truck

sounds good to me, when i had my 85 on the street i broke my sway bar links jumping a birm on the river bank. so i pulled the sway bar and it was minorly anoying on the street

the balljoint spacers i found are 38mm, did you have any problems with alignment after installing them?

yea i think it did, i used to ebay alot, mainly before i joined the army, its really easy lol, i think the guy wanted $20 off of ebay and $25 on ebay, but with identidity theft and everything else i stick to paypall as much as i can, my teamate here bought a $4500 trip to dubia egypt, however you spell it, only problem was he didnt know, it took him awhile to get it straightnd out..

speaking of ebay, i dont know how much bigger the t100 engine bay is but these looked pretty

i was thinking, and like i said i dont know anything about your cali smog rules except that im glad i dont have to fight that! can you move set your engine back for wieght distribution and smog it at all?

thanks cebby i looked at it and im going to take your advise and get 38mm baljoint spacers, then get some 2inch lift coils for the rear, new shocks all around, then i will make a rear brace for the ifs and drop the panhard

should i drop the swaybar or get extended endlinks?

getting a 1.5 inch body lift as well

hey hows it goings, i wish i lived in a desert area i would love to build a prerunner, i havent done my swap yet, and i dont know much about cali regs but...

i have fallen in love with the lexus v8 so it is deffinately my choice, the later then 96 models can be had all aluminm with vvti and more then 300hp stock, if you swap in the lexus auto, advanced adaptors sells a 4x4 adapter for the auto trans and gear transfer, or you can scrap th 4x4 like you said and run the lexus trans but you will need to adapt the output for the driveshaft, for 25$ on ebay you can get the cad file and have an adapter machined at your local machince shop that will let you run a r154 5spd behind the 1uz, 2uz, and 3uz engines, marlin www.marlincrawler.com sells a race built r154 trans that should be plenty strong, with the extra roon in the t100 you can probably fit some shorty ss headers from the tundra on the 1uz or 3uz to give you more power

looking at buying a small mill and lathe so i can make some parts, like the trans adapter and misc bushings etc

i do have to agree with the bracket lifts being garbage, they kill ground clearance and create huge stress on the frame, i never thought of spacing the ball joints.. sounds better to me.. i emailed a few people who sell the full bracket lifts to see if i can get just the coils, limiting straps, shocks, drop bracket for the panhard and the extended links for the back, if that doesnt work out procomp sells the links, i could use fj coils and drop the panhard myself pretty simple.. and i have been thinking pretty hardcore about doing the SAS at the same time, it really wont cost much more at all and will free up more room without the torsion bars, the biggest thing is i need to check my gears in the rear to find out if i got stuck with the 4.56:1 or got lucky and ended up with 4.88, but that would mean getting matching gears for the front axel, i have an extra set of 4.56 lying around somewhere.. but no 4.88 i wont know that untill i can check them when i get home, unless i can convince someone at home to pull the driveshaft or check the vin for me..

im glad they are close in wieght, thats what i have been hoping, i never put one on a scale but ever time i have to move a 3vz it seems soo heavy for as lame as it is lol

i will probably take the route of trying the 3vze pump first, and if it doesnt work i should still have a Walboro in my derby car that i never got to run in a derby, i got it all ready and the igniter burned up on the 351, replaced it and i think something else grounded out and killed the ecu, so it sat waiting for a carb and manifold but i ended up joining the army.. that was the end of that lol

i like that plan, it will probably work out great, and still be safe since its EFI, ive seen chevy guys catch the inside of the truck on fire running the carb intake through the heater core on play trucks with no spark arrestor, i even saw one guy who used either though his glove box to fire up his 454 when it was cold haha, but i will deffinately want to figure some sort of snorkel out, maybe through the inner fender like you if yours turns out good :) ive hydrolocked a few times now in my old trucks, and once in my civic that was never set up to drive in the rain and i got caught in a downpoor late for work lol.. what a mess that ended up being

For Sale / Re: Rear-sump oil pan
« on: November 01, 2009, 03:36:31 AM »
hey, i was wondering if the sc400 pan will clear SAS with high steer or if i need a custom pan or tie rod thanks

ok this is a thinner one closer to what i have in mind

this is a picture of an r154 to a340e adapter and is alot like what i have in mind only its aluminum and its 3 times thicker because it can be

i had that saved in a file and i just found it, i think i got it from pirate? i dont remember, but anyway i have been thinking about the trans.. from what i have been able to find the a340 bell is 155mm and the input shaft of the pre 95 r150f is 160mm, 96 and later being 190mm, the imput gear cannot be interchanged between the 2 from what i have been able to find, but the same generation transmissions like the ax15 imput could be swapped in, wich would give me the longer imput and alow me to use a 30mm adapter from the bell to the r150f, but i would have to get the shaft machined down from the .75 inch pilot to the toyota size, not a really big deal.. but its more things to do.. so here is what i have come up with.. let me know what you think!

take the 155mm a340 bell, mill it down 3.5mm on each flange surface, wich will give me 12 mm totall, then countersink the blot heads on the adapter halfway and matching countersinks for the other half in the bell, wich would spread the load off of the single set of bolts and onto both sets as far as centering etc.. if i make the adapter from 1mm steel and use an AA raised pilot bearing to make up the extra 3mm it should all work out.. at least it has in my head so far.. wish someone was on here to talk to! well let me knwo your thoughts, and if you think im crazy thats fine 2 lol

Engine Swap Bellhousings

The Jeep/Dodge AX15 5-speed, the Jeep NV3550 5-speed, the Toyota R150F & R151F, the 87-92 Toyota Supra Turbo R154, the Isuzu AR5 and the Chevy Colorado\ GMC Canyon MA5 5-speeds all share the same case to bellhousing bolt pattern. As such there are a number of possibilities that can be had when a 5-speed is desired:

Pic 1 #1. Novak Enterprises: Adapter plate for AX15 to GM 4-speed bellhousing. Connects all except NV3550 to same.

#2. 94-95 Dakota 2.5L bellhousing: Connects all to any K car based 2.2L-2.5L L4 in a RWD application.

#3. 96-00 Dakota 2.5L bellhousing: Connects all to any Jeep 2.5L L4. Because of it's GM 60 degree V6 inherited bolt pattern, also works with any Buick FWD V6 and supercharged V6, any Chevrolet 2.8/3.1/3.4 V6, any Cadillac 4.1/4.5/4.9 V8 and with a minor modification, any Olds Aurora DOHC V8 and Cadillac DOHC Northstar V8. Also bolts to any Isuzu 3.2\3.5 DOHC V6.

#4. 88-99 Jeep 4.0L L6 bellhousing: Connects all to any AMC 290/304/343/360/390/401 V8 and any 72 and later 232 L6 and 258 L6.

#5. 94-99 Dakota 3.9L V6 Bellhousing: Connects all to any 3.9L V6 and any 273/318/340/360 V8.

#6. 96-04 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V6.

#7. 86.5-92 Toyota Supra Turbo 7M-GTE

Not shown:

01-03 Jeep Liberty 3.7L V6 bellhousing: Connects all to any 3.7L V6, 4.7L V8 and 5.7L Hemi V8.

Isuzu Trooper 3.5 V6 AR5 bellhousing: Connects all to any Isuzu 3.2\3.5 V6

04 Chevy Colorado\ GMC Canyon MA5 bellhousing: Connects all to any 2.8L L4, 3.5L L5 and 4.2L L6


Advance Adapters: Bellhousing for AX15 to Chevrolet-Buick-Olds-Pontiac V8 and Buick V6. Connects all except NV3550 to same.

Advance Adapters: Bellhousing for NV3550 to Chevrolet-Buick-Olds-Pontiac V8 and Buick V6.

Advance Adapters: Adapter plate for AX15 to Ford bellhousing. Connects all except NV3550 to same.

Advance Adapters: Adapter plate for NV3550 to Ford bellhousing.

Swift Machine: Adapter plate for NV3550 to GM 4-speed bellhousing.

Suzuki Only Supply: Adapter plate to bolt R series to Suzuki 1.3\1.6.

Further info: Jeep AX5, Toyota G52, G58, W55, W56, W57 and W58 5-speeds all share a common face pattern on the case. As such, any 88-99 Jeep 2.5L bellhousing (NOT Dakota) will bolt a Toyota W series transmission to a 60 degree GM bolt pattern.

Aftermarket: Advance Adapters makes a bellhousing to bolt a W series Toyota trans to a Chevy-Buick-Olds-Pontiac block.

Northwest Off Road: Bellhousing to bolt W series to Ford 5.0.

Suzuki Only Supply: Adapter plate to bolt W series to Suzuki 1.3\1.6.

NOTE: Input shafts lengths vary.

Pre 1995 R150\R151 = 6.5"
1995 up Toyota R series = 7.5"
AX15 = 7.875"
87-92 Turbo Supra R154 = 7.25"
AR5 = ?
MA5 = ?
NV3550 = 7.875"
AX5 = 7.5"
Toyota W series = 6.5"

Pic 2 Advance Adapters makes an extra long pilot bearing when using a shorter input shaft tranny with a bellhousing that had a longer one. Obviously you can't put the longer input trans into a bell that had a shorter one.

Pic 3 Front bearing covers are interchangeable between the Toyota R series, AX15, MA5 and AR5. NV3550, AX5 and W series are not interchangeable.

So... there's no shortage of parts for these gearboxes. Any good shop can rebuild them and they are still not that expensive.

GregOne of the offshoots of this is the ability to swap an AX5 behind a Jeep 2.5L with a heavier duty AX15 by using the 96-00 Dodge Dakota 2.5L bellhousing.One of the offshoots of this is the ability to swap an AX5 behind a Jeep 2.5L with a heavier duty AX15 by using the 96-00 Dodge Dakota 2.5L bellhousing.If your Jeep (or car) has a Ford pattern T5 and you'd like to swap in any engine with the GM 60 degree bolt pattern, then either the 94-95 S10 2.2L bellhousing or the mid-eighties Jeep 2.5L bell might be what you want (NOT the Iron Duke one). The one you use depends on which side the starter is on...It should be pointed out that the pre '96 R150F and R151F input shafts are far too short to be used in the AX15 bellhousings. (Even with the Advanced Adapters pilot bushing) The R154 input shaft is longer, and, with the proper spacing and AA bushing CAN be used in the AX15 bellhousings with no mods.

Some further information from Marlin "Crawler" Czajkowski on the Toyota R series and the AX15. It is possible to swap the longer AX15 input shaft into the pre '96 R150F/R151F.

This info does NOT apply to the NV3550.

"Parts are interchangeable between these trannys. Inputs, output shafts, front nose cone, and rear housing are different but generally can be interchanged if you stay with in the family.

There are three "R" families;

86-91 early, simple, common, heavy design

92-95 upgraded syncrows, hubs, shift rods and linkage, smaller bearings, lighter gears

96-newer greater helix angles, upgraded syncrows, lighter bolts, reverse brake

The Jeep 86-00' AX15 would use the same bearings, syncrows, and gears within the same family as the Toyota boxes. I am not sure of the Isuzu production years, but would also be the same.

Remember that only the 86-87' 4x4 R151F 22R Turbo got the 4.31 1st gear. 2x4 22R Turbos, got the 3.83 1st, along with all other 4x4 R transmissions --- Toyota 3.0, 3.4 V6, Jeeps, and Isuzu's.

The lowest geared R is the 5.15 1st gear found in the R452 imported trans which also uses the same bearings, and syncrows.

The Jeep AX15 has a 10 spline American style input with a 5/8" pilot. I am currently converting a Jeep AX5 to a Toyota t-case

I have never had to opportunity to upgrade an AX15. This can be done but only to a 86-91 AX15. The longer coarse spline input and Jeep nose cone will swap right in. The AX15 bellhousing will also bolt up to the front of the R151F since both front housings are the same!

I send both Toyota and Jeep shafts to my drive line shop and have them put together."

http://www.marlincrawler.com/For those Jeep gents that have broken AX5's laying around, Don't ditch the bellhousing. It may be used in a Toyota application and can bolt up any GM 60 degree engine (3.4/3.1/2.8 Chevy V6, Buick 3800 V6, Isuzu 3.2/3.5 V6, etc....) to the Toyota G series and W series tranismissions.

Pic 1 is a Toyota W58 out of a Supra hooked up to an AX5 bellhousing.

Pic 2 shows the AX5 bell planted up to a Chevy Camaro 3.4L V6.

Pic 3 For this to work with the AX5 bell, you'd need the thick (heavy) flywheel from a Camaro/Firebird. It places the clutch disk back far enough to completely engage the splines on the short W/G series input shaft. That's got to be at least 1 3/4" from the back of the block to the front face of the flywheel. The S10 flywheel is shorter and won't work.

Pic 4 is a bellhousing also with the GM 60 degree pattern from the 96-00 Dodge Dakota 2.5L hooked up nicely to an R154 5-speed out 87-92 Toyota Turbo Supra.

The photo of the set up below was a method of getting a free beer from Randy Burleson at www.4x4wire.com. The Isuzu DOHC 3.2\3.5L V6 has a dual bolt pattern on the back of the block. The outside pattern is strictly Isuzu, however, the inside pattern is the GM 60 degree. I can only presume it's there to fit up GM automatic tranny's in Troopers. So.. to prove this beyond doubt to Randy, there we have it. That's a twin cam 3.5L Isuzu V6 bolted (for the most part) up to a T5 out of a 95 2.2L S10 Chevy pickup. The bellhousing has the Ford T5 pattern on the case side and the GM 60 degree pattern on the engine side. I'd have put more bolts in the holes but I couldn't find any more at the yard. And yes... it is sitting in the back seat of a Trooper. Don't ask how it got there..... I like Fosters Randy....

The 93 and earlier S10 2.8L V6 bellhousings can be used to bolt up GM pattern T5's and the SM420 to the 60 Degree bolt pattern. Some have starter pockets on both sides. Camaro 2.8/3.4L V6 and 3800 V6 bells have the tranny tilted at an angle (Ford and GM pattern) and may not be suitable for your application...

GregI can't leave this topic without mentioning the late 70's, early 80's Jeep 151 4 cylinder CJ bellhousing. Since this was the GM Iron Duke engine that Jeep used, the bell has the Cheverolet V8 bolt pattern on the engine side and the Ford T5 pattern on the other. (Originally used with the Jeep T4). So, if ever you're asked how to hook up a Chevy Small Block to a Mustang T5, this is how you start.

Also, the question was asked (on another board) if the AX15 could be hooked up to Toyota transfer cases for crawling. According to Marlin, that's a go..

"I have put a Marlin dual case behind a AX5 [G54/58 Toyota] Jeep trans by changing the output shaft and tailhousing from a Toyota doner trans.

This can also be done to a AX15 [R150 Toyota].

The Jeep auto should also work as long as the output shaft and rear housing is changed from a Toyota trans.

In the past years, I used to get a lot of calls from Jeep owners wanting to go slow like the Toy trucks. Since I was so busy, I directed the calls to Mepco and Klune V.


2000 TJ NV3550 will bolt up to a 4.2 with no bellhousing mods (it wasn't listed) and you dont' need any adaptors.
The NV3550 is a pretty robust gearbox. Much more capable than the AX15 that it replaces. It shares all of its mounting points with the AX15 but, as far as I'm aware, shares no parts with it. So, any application that has an AX15, can take an NV3550 with no problems. Although the front case bolt pattern is identical between all of them (Toyota R, AX15, MA5, AR5, NV3550), the NV3550 has a unique front bearing retainer and shape. It may not be capatable with some aftermarket adapter plates.

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