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'79-'83 Trucks (1st Gen) / Re: 73 hilux project
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:24:15 PM »
Nice Hilux  ;D

General Mobile Electronics / Re: Let's see your stereo.
« on: February 20, 2010, 05:19:59 PM »
I have a 12" KickerCompVR that's needing an amplifier and amp install kit.
Once that's all retrieved, i'll probably modify the box its already in, place behind my seat, and wire it up.

I really can't wait, because a single 12" sub is PLENTY for an xcab minitruck. or any truck lol.

Been looking around and at different sites with information.
I was removed from Lextreme, i don't know why.

I know the 1UZ's are much more easier to swap than the 3UZ's. am i correct?

Which head is better, 1UZ (VVT-i latter model) or 3UZ?

I would imagine dropping in the 3UZ for the displacement while utilizing 1UZ rods for strength. The head flow and stuff i don't know.

Or if i found a full complete 1UZ (VVT-i), would I be able to place the 3UZ block on it?

I've been trying lately to find resources. I have found several local shops willing to help me with the swap. I have a friend with the SC400 and he succesfully swapped in a W58. I'm gunna try to see what sources he used for that swap.

to run manual box we have to get the bellhousing also?

I have a question about the automatic transmission on the 1UZ motor. since the transmission on my truck is column shift, and the Lexus is floor shift, how do you guys work out the linkages?

Thanks Ceb

well sorry for the really "young" start but i don't wanna bother anyone too much.

What I am realy wondering is how should I start off?

Would the best plan be to go with the Stock 1UZ-FE and the Automatic that comes with it in the first place? Just to start off with the vehicle running.

Then after that in the long run, swap over to STandalone and get a R154 in the truck? 

My main concerns are the planning right now. It'll be an extra long term plan, but I would love to run VVT-i. It's pretty expensive i have read, but which Standalone system provides a good setup? I've looked on many forums but haven't found a "sufficient" answer. I got on Lextreme but didn't get to stay long, i got removed, couldn't remember making a post either!

In the meanwhile, I'll continue looking for answers

Well let me start off with an introduction. I'll try to make it interesting =D

I've looked at this forum for a while, not too long, not too short. And I decided to join.

I myself am a 16 year old high school sophomore student... I love my 1994 Toyota RN90 Pickup 2WD Xtra-cab... it's got an A43D automatic transmission in it...

AND I HATE THE TRANSMISSION!! Not that it has failed me (yet) but it's an automatic.... well you can easily read that I have a love for manuals.

Well the truck has 154k miles on originals... motor and all. It was purchased by first own as the DLX package, dad bought this truck slightly used as the 2nd owner.... handed down to me!

The truck sits on 205/75/14's,.... mmmmm sounds good for bumps... not corners... i will need to upgrade my wheels and tires.... after a motor swap of course

The pickup stops using its crunchy OEM brakes! j'k, they are pretty good.

Anyway, the farthest I've done to the truck is remove the bed... saw off that muffler, and gave truck ram air DIY intake... that shit actually works. well truck has bed back on and the front is lowered with the spindle mount flip! and i removed my hubcaps too

Sooo you all know why i'm here for..... 1UZ-FE SWAP!!!! but let me get specific... I'm looking fora  VVT-i swap...

I need info on the engine controls and pretty much transmission also

I dont like autos, i would love to run a 5spd or 6 spd manual!!

to summarize a few other things, i garuntee you that this will not occur soon.... I'm un employed... look at this economy!!! GAWH!!!

it crushes the dreams of anyone...

but yeah, I'd like the info on what is needed to perform a succesful swap. I have two shops in town that can probably help me...

THANKS!! noowww... lemme find that off topic thread! :D

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