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well the   engine is in the  truck and has  rumbled to life...  exhaust has to be  fabricated and   o2 sensors installed to get rid of the  check engine light and  codes  this  swap was like an  onion more you do  the more needs to be done but was pleasantly challenging. I have  ran in to an issue  with the  radiator and hoses I am thinking about sending out to get it  modified. I have many pics but I have to  shrink to be uploaded. I will probably have a link to photo bucket.

no nody lift is necessary  for the  2wd conversion but you will  get some headaches with the   exhaust  manifolds.

Exhaust, Cats and Mufflers / Re: Oxygen Sensors
« on: May 27, 2009, 10:08:10 PM »
no .. the post  cats are  two  wire  the   ones from the  4  runner can be use in the  pre cat sensors  which are  4 wire. I am at that stage in my  swap as well

where  did you  get those  headers ?

Well the beast is alive !! it  starts and idles,  lots still left to be  done like the  post cat  sensors and  exhaust but it works ! thank you  guys for the  very informative  site.  I got  one  question  tho and that is to  do with the  charcoal  canister  bolted to the   passenger  side firewall. where  does the little  vaccum looking  line  goes on the  UZ motor ?

well I made up some mounts using the LS  mount pars and some  flat metal  here is what it looks like.  I ran in to the   snag with the  exhaust  flange hitting the  frame  I  guess I will have to  cut off the   flange for the cat and extend the pipes

what about the  engine mounts that is my  hitch  I am  pretty  much  ready to do this !  I cant open the  drawings to the  one that cebby  posted

Well I  ran in to some  snags with the  engine mounts. I will have to  build them  from  scratch ! I ordered the  oil pan from a  SC400 today  from  Cocoa Auto Salvage  for 110 bones!. The  tranny  Hybridization is  completed . Muhaha!  drilled the whole  for the  additional sensor  changed the input shaft and put everything back together. Next attack is the fuel lines and power steering hoses.  ;D

ok so I   took out the main shaft out the lexus  tranny and   drill the whole for the  extra  sensor do the  tranny issues are solved, I got the  headers from the  SC400 today too !

so today I  sent an email to  Tom Woods  drive Shafts about  fabricating a  drive shaft for the  swap, here was his reply.

Thank you for your inquiry. This is not a type of drive shaft that we build.
We are the true "specialist" in the four wheel drive market and only make
drive shafts for these vehicles.

I will refer you to Powertrain Industries. I believe they are more suited to
your needs. Their telephone # is 800-798-4585

If you or one of your associates ever need a drive shaft for a four wheel
drive vehicle, we are the company to contact for the best in quality and

Thank you,

Tom Wood,
Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts Inc.

now what ?

I still have the old  tranny off the  3vz motor will the  tail end work on the  lexus  tranny ?

is your truck  running  I have only  read as far as you  mounting the motor.  I am looking  for some  fender flares like them but pretty  clueless on where to  get them

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