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Still have it, and still plan to finish it. Newly married, new house w/ plenty to keep me busy for a lil while. Hopefully will get to start back on it by next summer.  Yes i do have the ignition and gas pedal, whole wiring harness and instrument cluster along w/ the tranny and engine.

My project has been delayed but not forgotten.  I got married and moved but still have all the parts and intention of finishing this swap.  Just not sure when I will get everything set up to when I will be able to start work on it again. Hopefully sooner than later.

has this been done or tried?
i got an 03 tundra motor and tranny w/ all acc on the motor, whole wiring harness out of the whole truck.
motor had 30k miles on it....picked it all up for 1,750 + tax.  I ran the vin# and it came w/ the towing package so it has a 130 amp alt which is good.  Now im about to try to stuff it all in my 98 tacoma.
I know its a heavier motor than the AL 1UZ but realistically its not going to hook up anyways.  Also an thinking of putting an STS remote turbo behind it.  The taocoma is not stock by no means now.  It is bagged, 4 linked, body dropped w/ suicide doors, shaved everything and a sheetmetal bed, all painted interior w/ leather and tweed fabric.  I have started to build another frame to put under it and was going to go back to a 90 toyota front suspension clip.  Which the frame rails in it are 4" narrower than the tacomas.  I took and split the 90 frame rails and wideded them 3" to get the motor to drop inside the rails.  Now i need to section the oil pan to get it to drop down a lil more and also clearance the oil pan for the cross over steering. I know i am prob goin to have to run a smaller diameter brake booster as the engine will be all over the factory one.  Also i am adding rear disc brakes and larger diameter front brakes, 20" wheels.

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