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.....and reading through the thread... i obviously never moved out of california, either. But- Mikronized did move over there. He's in Philly somewhere! This whole thing was his project.

Hey! Your project looks about the same as the one i'm working on! Except.... i've had to officially give up on mine  :'(. Too many complications, with the most recent being the owner where i work tired of looking at it for the last 6 years. So it got towed out of there. That was about three weeks ago. The project was not technically even my own vehicle... hopefully you can keep yours alive, Cebby!

Dude... i think you'd have to be buying somebody at the smog shop and whoever put the BAR label on the door beer for a very long time too... ;D -- not just the DMV.

'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1UZ-FE for my Taco
« on: February 20, 2010, 01:44:38 PM »
Right on, man! i Saw the video of it running... looks good! i agree 100% with you. The money is what kills it. Money and time to work on it. If i work on it during the day, i'm not working and losing money. It's a real tight situation; make money and survive, or finish the project. i did finally go to Paso bearing and hydraulic this week and got my fuel pressure line made up, though. That alone was a 100 dollar bill.

Is the signal a straight 12v?  Is it expecting any resistance in the circuit?

If it is straight 12v and no feedback needed, this will be easy to wire with a simple automotive relay.

85 = Lex ECU TCC control +
86 = Lex ECU TCC control -
30 = 12v+
87 = Toy TCC Solenoid

(At least it is on a P&B VR4-75F11 12v relay...)

This will convert the "-" switching to "+".

i can't remember if i actually tried this or not. i had the opportunity today to connect a real basic relay to a pulse width control on a car at work (still at GM). i used the scan tool to command from 0 to 100 % , where 0 % is off and 100 % is completely on. The scan tool commanded in 10 % increments. The relay followed the scan tool control exactly. i was hoping at some point maybe it would have just clicked on and stayed on, but i could hear the relay pulsing at the same percentage of pulse width that was being commanded. It only clicked on solid at 100 %. There are a few more ideas that have surfaced talking to a few other people about this, so i'm going to stick my nose back into some transmission schematics to see if i can't figure out another way to control the TCC.

'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1UZ-FE for my Taco
« on: October 17, 2009, 01:22:58 PM »
When is the moment of truth? Coming up pretty quick it looks like!

'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1UZ-FE for my Taco
« on: October 16, 2009, 11:30:11 AM »
That's looking really good!

If you shoot Mikronized a PM, he might be able to tell you where his came from. i'm working on the swap for him. He did all the footwork to get the engine. In the end, i believe he got it from a wrecking yard based in New York, and it was shipped complete engine/transmission/wiring harness/computer on a pallet for about $900-$1000. It shipped straight to the dealership i work at without incident. If you can get a VIN and carfax it beforehand, that would be recommended.

That's a bummer. That sort of happened to me when the shop i work at stopped working on saturdays. i've got a real tight timeline now. i should be living in your neck of this woods by this time next year, and i need to have it done by the time i leave!

Hey Cebby! How are you doing, man? It's been pretty quiet out here lately. i hope everything is well with you.

Wiring and Electronics / Re: 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 23, 2009, 04:37:39 PM »
Maybe i missed it somewhere, but did you verify what part of the internal combustion process you've lost when it's in the failed state? Have you pulled the coil wire from each distributor to see if there's spark to ground (from each coil) while you're cranking the engine? If you have spark from the coils, have you verified if the distributors are sending the spark to the spark plugs? If you have spark at the plugs, have you verified whether or not you have fuel pressure? If you have fuel pressure, do your fuel injectors have power/ground and a control signal? Does the engine sound differrent than normal when it cranks? (Timing belt skipped a tooth/broken?) i would advise against chasing codes until you verify whether you've lost spark, fuel, or compression. If you lose any one of those, the engine won't run. Start with the easiest- spark and fuel. Once you find out which one you've lost, you can chase the related electrical/mechanical system to pinpoint the cause.

...and to follow up, i did get the 2nd bearing today. i stayed after work and used the bearing press and popped out the old and busted bearings and pressed in the new bearings into the pulleys. They fit! i also looked up pulley prices yesterday. To replace both pulleys from a lexus dealer, it would run in the ball park of about $130. Definitely cheaper to replace the bearings.

Yeah.. i was pretty stoked about that. i pulled out the idler pulley and the tensioner pulleys today and realized those bearings weren't doing so well. i went by napa after work and they were closed, so i ran over to carquest and they had the one for the tensioner pulley in stock for 12 bucks and change, and the idler pulley bearing they had to order for 23 bucks and change. So for about $35 i can replace the bearings and clean up the pulleys without having to spend the bank on new pulleys!  ;D

'95.5-'04 Tacomas/'96-'02 4Runners (3rd Gen) / Re: 1UZ-FE for my Taco
« on: June 25, 2009, 11:03:47 PM »
This is a piece of artwork right here. That is so cool knowing that this thing is going to be running real soon!

Just in case anyone was having a hard time trying to find one of these, (i can't find one used in the area i live) here's the info and pictures i used to obtain my setup. i found the bracket on ebay motors using the keywords "toyota tundra cooling fan pulley bracket". i couldn't find a pulley, so i went looking on the web and came across and found a pulley. i looked up a 2003 toyota tundra. The pulley is #12 in the illustration. In the catalog, it's under cooling system. The bracket by itself was $93.99 shipped (from ebay motors), and the pulley was $53.64 shipped (from toyota). i don't have pictures of it yet, but i did test fit the bracket on the engine yesterday and it slid right into place.

Here's the new bracket.

4.5" diameter approximately of new pulley.

4.5" diameter approximately of lexus fan pump pulley.

Comparison of old lexus fan pump assembly and new fan pulley bracket assembly.

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