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Yes, I agree with you...

i like to tinker but budget wise, just a no go for now... maybe some time down the road :)
i would love to learn all that OBD2 protocol, I'm a computer engineer so when the time comes. it should be simple enough.

Thank You again Man4God and Everyone!

Hi Cebby, Toylexus, Man4God,

Thank You very much for the info, i was thinking of the 'would be project' to get more mileage and power at the same time.

with this new info, i decided it will cost too much unless i get lucky and get a hold of a crashed 2000 or better ls430.

Now I'm looking maybe i should just get a header and maybe look into the HHO thing or a fuel combustion catalyst.

I really appreciate your help!



My name is Chester and I have been researching for the past month about putting in a uz in my 2000 tacoma 2.7l prerunner.
been to several sites but i havent found a definitive answer yet to my research.

at first, i thought a simple swap from a 91 LS400 would suffice, but as i read on. it seems to get more and more difficult to the point that i am now confused. mostly about the obdII matter plus passing smog in california.

is it correct to assume that i cannot use a 91 1uzfe since my taco is  a 2000? since it doesnt have OBDII circuitry?
and that i have to actually find a 2000 year model or above engine to swap with? 
ECU, trans, wiring and all? or is there another way?

somebody please clarify.


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