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Wiring and Electronics / 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 11, 2009, 06:04:47 AM »
My surf has been running fine with the 1UZ and auto. Went for a drive and after about 20 mins it would die for a second or two then run again for a few minutes. Stopped and turn it off and it wouldn't start. towed it home (with a sierra!) tried it again once it cooled down and it started fine. (battery was disconnected in between)

Got the fault codes, left and right oxy sensor.
Went to start it to hopefully get it to have the same problem to get the codes and it wont start. codes are 14 (no IGF1 signal to ECM for 8-11 consecutive IGT1 signal) and 78 (fuel pump). i think the fuel pump code is caused by code 14.

it turns over and fires, only runs for a second then stops

hard wiring the fuel pump does not help.

what is this? igniter?

Hi everybody

Im having trouble with an unfinished project i picked up in November. It runs but wont change gears.

It is a 91 Surf.
ECU is:

Gearbox is A341E. Not sure what this is out of, both the ecu and AFM have UCF11 written on them. Anyone know exactly what this is?

Im having trouble finding what is the right diagram, none seem to match up.

I have done the mod to the extension housing to get the no.2 speed sensor going.

 The wires for both speed sensors are connected to the ecu and when i trace them they match up with this diagram. But only the colours on this plug on the ECU match up. Looks like they were plugged in like they would have been from the factory, apart from the one that I extended.

So im a bit stumped, I would really like to be confident that i had the right daigram so I can research further.


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