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Wiring and Electronics / Deletion of air flow meter
« on: March 05, 2008, 05:03:38 AM »
Has anyone tried to delete the air flow meter from the stanard ecu setup?
Mine started playing up so I disconnected it and the truck goes much better only problem is the check light comes on and the idle is a bit irratic.

Is there a way it can be wired so the check light goes out and the idle improves?

well the project has finally begun, after about a month and a half of research, a couple of weeks of collecting parts I finally pulled the engine out yesterday without any fuss.

The day I picked up the 1UZ from SSS automotive imports in Girraween,Sydney. they were very helpful

Me being silly in the engine bay, Go Fred Filntstone!!!

Lots of room in here for a 1UZFE  ;D

I will be stripping the V6 engine loom for the gearbox and 4WD system tomorrow night and I will post some pics of the process for you all to see.

I'm hoping to have the engine mounted by the end of this coming weekend, fingers crossed

Stay tuned.

Can anyone please help me, I need to find an electrical wiring diagram for a Toyota Celsior UCF11, I tried using UCF10 and 20 wiring diagrams for the ECU but the plugs are all different. the main plug that comes from my engine harness is an 80 pin with a bolt in the middle and it has a seperate 40 pin plug that comes from vehicle harness, both plugs have yellow locking caps.
It has the same plugs as a 1993 UZS soarer but all the wire locations are different.
Any help will be appreciated.

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