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My bad...
I think i fixed it are they working now?

In about 2 weeks i am going to buy all of  this to swap into my 93 4runner. The seller originally bought it for himself to do a swap in his supra but it didnt work out. He sourced the halfcut from japan and took what was needed apart which i believe was a royal saloon? He works for Jarco which is a jdm supplier. Everything has been sitting indoors for about 2 years and he said since he knew it wasn't going to be messed with for a while he put lubricant in the cylinders. He also said he started it up and it ran smoothly before he took everything apart and has a video of it running.

He is selling it all to me for 1000 dollars and its driving distance from my house
comes with: engine, tranny, ecu, wiring harness, exhaust, interior pieces, and radiator only being the major parts of everything included

Any comments?
I have never heard of a royal saloon would it coming from a royal saloon affect anything? Is it the same thing as a crown?

On with the pics

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