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Wiring and Electronics / Re: 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: September 04, 2009, 06:27:12 PM »
ended up taking it to a mechanic. he got it going, not sure what he did but sait it was something to do with coil/ignitor. A$316 and its going again, phew!

Wiring and Electronics / Re: 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 18, 2009, 06:05:46 PM »
they seemed to be earthed properly when i poked them with a multimeter, but will double check

running out of ideas, but not too keen to take it somewhere.

Wiring and Electronics / Re: 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 17, 2009, 05:38:30 AM »

tried with each ignitor unplugged, no change with #1 unplugged but without #2 it would turn over but not fire at all.

traced the wires from both ignitors, all seem fine but IGT on ignitor 1 has a bit of resistance, and sometimes no continuity. Wriggling the wires doesn't seem to change it. so plugs are probably ok

started fine  :-s got codes out and only got oxy sensors.

tried to start again, fires but wouldn't run. Code 14 is back. tried unplugging ignitors and swapping the plugs, seemed to be that the #1 plug is dodgy. checked wires again, all fine bar IGT1 still.

wired that to the ECU but it made no difference.

now the thing turns over but wont even fire. Its driving me crazy! it is inconsistent which makes it hard to diagnose. Are any of these fused somewhere I havent found? what else can i check? 

Wiring and Electronics / Re: 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 13, 2009, 09:00:54 PM »
had a few minutes to check it out. pulled off 1 ignitor plug, no change, swapped ignitors, no change, swapped plugs and no go!

so its not ignitor, its wiring. traced the wires back to the ecu and one wire (black/white IGT1) has no continuity. ill try wiring it and see if it runs. fingers crossed!  :D

also with the main oxy sensors not working will that just cause AF ratio to be a bit out or does it put into a fault mode?

Wiring and Electronics / 1UZ fires then stops, wont start
« on: August 11, 2009, 06:04:47 AM »
My surf has been running fine with the 1UZ and auto. Went for a drive and after about 20 mins it would die for a second or two then run again for a few minutes. Stopped and turn it off and it wouldn't start. towed it home (with a sierra!) tried it again once it cooled down and it started fine. (battery was disconnected in between)

Got the fault codes, left and right oxy sensor.
Went to start it to hopefully get it to have the same problem to get the codes and it wont start. codes are 14 (no IGF1 signal to ECM for 8-11 consecutive IGT1 signal) and 78 (fuel pump). i think the fuel pump code is caused by code 14.

it turns over and fires, only runs for a second then stops

hard wiring the fuel pump does not help.

what is this? igniter?

ok update time

I ended up getting a second hand gearbox to put in.

the gearbox was different, one had a temp sensor and the other didn't.

the wiring in the car matched the one that did have the temp sensor, so i removed the wiring from both and swapped them over. Easy fixed. Gearbox is now in, changes up and down gears, and kick down works.

doesnt feel to have as much power as i thought it would. revs up ok but seems to be lacking drive. not sure if it is just a characteristic of these gearboxes, but seems like it wont pull up hills like it should. the power is there but seems slippy.

put in an oil pressure guage, is pushing between 60-90psi. is this normal? occasionally at idle it will sometimes drop to 40.
the problem is that there is a large oil leak that looks to be coming from above the filter. i cant tell where exactly but there was smoke so some must have got on the exhaust. is this common? or caused by excessive pressure?

more testing done.

connected everything as it should be and went for a drive, 3.6km.

stopped halfway for 20 min at a mates place who has a hilux that he is currently putting an efi holden 5 litre in.

drove kinda ok there, still wont rev very high under load and still doesn't have the right amount of drive. promising was that it changed gears and even downchanged when i floored it. Bad was that when coasting with no throttle some times it makes a grinding noise.

the exhaust is poor, small and leaky and sounds no good, cant get over the induction noise tho! snorkle will put an end to that tho   

when returning home was very slow to pull away from a stop, and really struggled to drive up short mild hills. engine would rev ok, no drive. Engine up to about 85 degrees.

made it home and it seems somewhere on the trip reverse fell out!   ???
when shifting from park to rev the car jolts forwards a little then sits there like it is in park. All the rest of the gears, N included, drive the car forwards    :-\

looked under car and there was atf on the transmission tunnel near the front of the box. Where would this come from? Box was very hot to touch (probably normal?) and level was ok, fluid looks ok but smells bad. Not sure what burnt atf smells like but maybe like this. What if it is overfull?

So, new box time?? 

the motor revs as if the gearbox is slipping when taking off, but when moving is has no power to rev. So its as wrong as can be!

not sure how to check fault codes. is something ive been meaning to research.

chances of getting another ecu the same around here are pretty slim.

will do more testing when i get the chance.

did some brief testing tonight with the plug undone. drove up the street anough to get some gear changes.

in drive it is  very sluggish. if using the shifter for gears it has more drive. on the flat in drive if i open the throttle i can hear it suck through the filter but has no power, but revs freely when in N or when on stands.

will try again tomorrow, dont want to drive it around too much as i have to drive past 2 cops houses and it is missing things like lights and indicators.

yes can select gears manually. L and R seem to have a bit more drive than D. Havent driven on road enough to test while driving tho, too worried about getting stranded!
spoke to auto bloke and he isn't sure, wants to have a look but is booked out for over a week  :-\
hopefully i can sort something out in the meantime.

have checked fluid level and checked the wiring when i was having the first problem with no gearchanges. both appear fine.

ill be annoye if i have to pull the box out again   >:(

Mating an Automatic Tranmission / Re: A341E in Surf, no gearchanges
« on: March 18, 2009, 04:33:54 AM »
the surf seems to have some drive (it will move but little power transfer) but get worse as it warms up. im talking about a few minutes and 50 metres. reverse seems to drive a bit better. towards the end it started to shudder when trying to drive.

tried with the plug on the gearbox disconnected, not the one on the shifter, as suggested by the local auto bloke. he said this should put it into limp mode. nothing seems to have changed though

wish i could figure this out, hope it can be fixed easily!

Mating an Automatic Tranmission / Re: A341E in Surf, no gearchanges
« on: March 15, 2009, 01:02:18 AM »
ok got some progress this weekend :) in a way  :'(

connected the yellow/green wire from the instrument cluster to violet/white no. 12 wire (28 plug) on the ecu, tested it and it changed gears! stoked, thought it would never happen.

took it for a road test to see if it was right, it wasn't. up the street it had very little drive so tried to garage it but strugled to get across the gutter! checked fluid and it was not even reading so topped it up a few times and finally got it back home, just! Now level looks good but has very little drive.

Tried again on stands and it seems ok with no load, but wont change into third. i dont know if these things are related or not tho.
very disappointing, thought i was getting somewhere.

Mating an Automatic Tranmission / Re: A341E in Surf, no gearchanges
« on: March 10, 2009, 05:23:53 AM »
gday Russell!

thanks, that sounds good. just had a look, the pin mentioned on mine is violet/white, and is........ not connected!
i will look into that at a sensible hour, while i dont at all mind the sound of the v8 burble from only the exhaust manifolds, i doubt the neighbours share my passion  ;D

the 96 LS400 diagram from lextreme does not match up to mine, thankfully bushwacker was willing and able to help me out!

Mating an Automatic Tranmission / Re: A341E in Surf, no gearchanges
« on: March 09, 2009, 05:09:03 AM »
thanks heaps bushwacker! those diagrams seem to match up pretty well.

have re checked for continuity on both speed sensors, as well as the plugs that go to the transmission. And the TPS just in case.

How does speedo link to the ecu? I have been advised as to which wire is the signal, but am not sure where that goes on the diagram.  The speedo works, is that part of what would control gearchanges?

i got an oscilloscope to check if the no 2 senser was doing anything and it slowly changes as the revs change. Doesn't look to be the same on the screen as the no1 sensor but that is to be expected i guess. Also i dont know how to use an oscilloscope!

played around with the no2 sensor and the thickness of the spacer but no difference. is a small gap between the sensor and the cam, maybe 1mm

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