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OK one more thing. I was just told by a parts reseller that the ECU and wiring harness amy get the engine going but that the transmission also has extra sensors in 2005 and may not work. Any opinions?

CAn anyone point me in the right direction to get a used ECM and wiring harness for a 2005 4.7L Tundra engine. ANy guess on how long the job takes and what someone would charge? I really need this truck fixed, I have all my money tied up into it. Thanks

If you were me what would you do first to try to get this engine running correctly. Money is tight but its also killing me not being able to use this truck.  Another person mentioned that there was something on the camshaft that could be changed that may help with the timing. This is the guy who actually did the swap for me. He also used the intake from the 03 instead of the plastic one from the 05. I just dont know what I should try first since I am also worried on how I will be able to get this truck New York State inspected.

Is there anything I can do that is not drastic? The engine starts right up and drives fine, I only get in trouble when I need to quickly punch the gas. Could I swap the computer out or does that mean the wiring harness needs to be changed also? What kind of job is it to change the harness and what do you think a harness goes for used and new?

Man I wish I would have found this site before I started this swap. I  installed a 05 Tundra 4.7 into a 03 Tundra 4.7 4x4.  I swapped the intake from the 03 and put it on the 05 engine.

The engine started up and I took it for a run and all was well untill I stomped on the pedal. It died and it dies every time the gas pedal is pressed hard. THe OBDII tool said I had an error of PO340 Camshaft position sensor. Well I replaced it and the truck still runs the same.

An online Toyota mechanic said the following    ;These 2 engines are not cross compatable. If you are going to have a 2005 engine in this truck then you must replace the engine control module and the entire engine wiring harness with one from a 2005 model. The engine control and vvt-i system are the reasons.

As I stated before these are not direct compatable swaps. BOTH the 2003 and 2005 use the same 2uz-fe engine but the 2005 has a LOT more power because it has variable valve timing. That is why there are a LOT more connectors/sensors and components on the 2005 engine, they may "look" the same externally but the internal components on the 2005 (which are electronically controlled by the computer) are the reason that the engine has more output. Toyota upgraded this engine AND the transmission in the 2005 model year.

 The computer and wiring harness on your 2003 is NOT compatable with this engine and the programming for the vvt-i system is NOT programmed for the 2005 engine so there are a LOT of issues taking place in the system, the computer just is not programmed with the parameters and codes to tell you of the issues. I work on these cars everyday and am very familiar with the 2uz-fe that has been used in both the Lexus and Toyota products that I am factory certified and educated on since it's original launch in 1998 to current models.

Man I hope this is not true and it was not mentioned by anyone before the swap. BTW I needed the swap because the crankshaft actually broke in the 03(It also ran at the time but with a loud knocking noise)

Any suggestions? Did I just waste $110 on a new Camshaft sensor? My funds are real low after this swap and this is killing me.

In addition and I dont think they are linked but the starter stays engaged when starting the engine, I need to back off the key to fix it. This occurred with two different starters. Do you think something was left off or on causing this?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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