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Title: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: Smitherz on February 01, 2007, 09:51:59 PM
I built this box /rack years ago as you can see by the model of Rockford Fosgate amps I'm runnin. Everything in the back is original from the day I installed it. Fosgate stuff really takes a beating it seems. I'm running Audio Control crossovers (one for bass, one for the component speakers), Fosgate crossover (1) 700w for each pro series subwoofer and another amp for the (2) component sets I have in the front. The bass hurts and I barely ever need to turn it up. When it's all redone I'll only be running one sub (which is just fine) and all the crossovers and EQ's will be replaced by a single box that's tuned by my Treo 650 Bluetooth. I can't wait to start on the redesign. I got a new 4ch Fosgate amp to brings things up to date as well  8).

Title: Re: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: Helicoil on December 03, 2009, 08:49:22 AM
Pioneer touch screen head unit, it was stolen, I was gone for a week end and my 4runner didn't have a battery in it, back window smashed and the HU gone.  It had full gps, and blue tooth etc.  Watching dvd's on it was better than my home surround system.  Just a tiny screen.  :D
Two 12" JL w7's, each one has it's own 1000 watt Alpine PDX digital amp.
An amp for each sub, then a 700watt 4 channel amp for the JL's in the doors, and I have 4 crossovers under the driver seat for the tweeters in the doors, no pics of them atm.

4runners current condition, dead.
Hydrolocked the v6, got laid off, so as soon as I get work I'm gonna 1uz it.
I bought a running v6 off craigs, but I need to install new waterpump alternator and timing belt.  My current issues is I don't have the SST to get the crank pully off, and I don't have the plastic timing belt covers and don't know where to order them.  I just need the lower one with the timing markings on it.  The GF wants me to get it running, while I save parts and money to do the UZ swap.

The beast!  My two buddys are standing on it, while I was in the creak taking pics.  ::)
Title: Re: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: Smitherz on December 07, 2009, 11:23:46 AM
Ahh shit that's a horrible story! Don't you wish you could catch the little bastards in the act... man o man. I'm going to buy a Clarion that does it all for $150 from Newegg. It doesn't have a video screen but I don't watch DVDs in the truck. Here is that model: (

And for $299 you can step it up and get the crazy new Clarion that a lot of people are talking about. It's all touchscreen double din and stuff: (ftp://

I would get the $299 one but someone would just break my window and steal it. They leave the regular ones alone so I'll go that route... plus my truck beats up head units offroad.  ;D

They actually messed up listing that Clarion for $199 when Newegg first put it up for sale. I totally missed out on that by 20 hours or I would have instantly pulled the trigger for sure. Read about it and see more pictures here: (

Title: Re: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: Helicoil on December 07, 2009, 02:00:25 PM
That's pretty nice for it's price, it's on my wish list, that double din clarion is beautiful.  I love the fact that it has 6 RCA outputs, because that's how all the wiring is done in my 4Runner.  It even looks nicer than my Pioneer.   My Pioneer was 900$ on sale when I bought it 2 years ago.
Title: Re: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: Cebby on December 07, 2009, 02:44:39 PM
I  have a whole slew of Alpine Digital Max stuff from my competition days that I've finally come to the realization that I'll never use in my 4Runner.  As much as I love the sound of that equipment, it would be wasted in something like that.  I have been collecting duplicates of the pieces - some new old stock, etc.  It's a shame, but maybe I'm starting to become a realist in my old age (at least I should only go one project at a time.

I'm planning to sell off the head units, changer, processors and cabling but keeping the Rockford (cheater) amps I have.   On the fence with the speakers (Dynaudio).

I want a headunit that has integrated Nav, Sirius and iPod controls - double DIN, but not much beyond that for features - I do prefer a knob for volume if that even exists anymore...  Ability plug in a camera is a plus.

Any suggestions?
Title: Re: Let's see your stereo.
Post by: CinNAMon on February 20, 2010, 05:19:59 PM
I have a 12" KickerCompVR that's needing an amplifier and amp install kit.
Once that's all retrieved, i'll probably modify the box its already in, place behind my seat, and wire it up.

I really can't wait, because a single 12" sub is PLENTY for an xcab minitruck. or any truck lol.